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As women was giving birth in Umba...

The hospital medical staff of the village Umba in Murmansk region works in appalling conditions. There aren’t even basic human conditions.

-"It is easier to say what we have - says obstetrician-gynecologist Clara Manko - building of the late 19th century , conscientious employees and their "golden" hands.’’

-"How much we spend effort to chop wood, melt furnace, heat the water and in winter besides all day pass cold water pouring into the barrel from the tap. A valve is opened to not to freeze aqueduct because frosts in the north are strong’’ - adds doctor Valentine Eleseeva.

-"Work of our midwives is very hard. They are the most kindest and reliable persons. When you accept delivery you worry about the baby. But behind you feel the breath of midwives and know that you are not alone, they are near - real patriots of the their work.’’


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