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Forgive us, guys!

Vidyaevo settlement have not seen such grief ... Many relatives of the victims gathered at thememorial ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the monument in honor of the crew of the ASMC "Kursk". But their feelings were different.

- Our children are alive, do not you dare to bury them! - somebody's mother screamed.

- The press take away! - demanded another.

Yet woe wives and parents of K- 141 submarine engulfed all who came to the memorial service. Military and journalists crying mother fainted.

Help needed young woman, but she refused a sedative injection: "I can not, I - is pregnant". Tears flowed down his face, but his eyes shone with hope - she is expecting a baby. And it is worth living...

Barents Sea. Relatives of the dead submariners "Kursk" went to sea on board "Claudia Elanskaya".

Spooky contrast: bright sun, turquoise water, a lovely quiet weather and compressive heart word requiem. Wreaths is launched, flying red carnations, the music ... and it seems that for some time video and photojournalists even stopped to shoot - breathless, a lump in his throat, tears gushed from his eyes ...

- Today is my younger brother, assistant commander of the "Kursk" Birthday - quietly said to me, Captain 3-rd Rank Igor Repnikov, - Dime - 27 years. And we know that he is alive...

29.08.2000 - 12.08.2020.

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